About RFD Blog

The Reporting from Damascus blog (RFDblog) was created to recount the events which have been taking place in Syria since the uprising began in early 2011.  What began as unorganized random demonstrations calling on Bashar Al-Assad, Syria’s president, to implement genuine reform towards achieving a democratic structure, has now evolved into a nationwide struggle on the part of the Syrian people calling for an end to the 42 year rule of the Ba’ath party and a peaceful transition into democracy.  This evolution of the uprising came as a result of the atrocities against humanity carried out by Assad’s forces to crush the peaceful movement.  The Assad regime has since used many tactics that include: massive arrest campaigns throughout the country, blocking out international media, carrying out military operations against the people of Syria, and camouflaging actual events with a “no background scenarios” of blaming the unrest on “terrorist groups”. Social Media has become a vital tool used in various ways to clarify the actual events taking place, where normal civilians have become citizen journalists documenting day-to-day occurrences.

RFDblog is a round up of experiences, reports, videos, goals, and general information about Damascus (based on the title), in addition to highlights of the capital’s struggle for mass protests, which have been struck with brutal force.  The way Assad has dealt with the protest generally, and those in Damascus in particular, is indicative of Assad’s “No Tolerance” policy and determination to prevent a city-wide protest in Damascus at any cost.

Everyday in Syria people are taking the streets asking for their rights and freedoms peacefully, and as a result they are being subjected to murder, detention, torture, and injustice.  We, as Syrian citizens who care greatly about this country, want to see an end to the injustices with which the people of Syria have to deal on daily basis.  In the end, we are not journalists, and we have agendas, but our one common agenda is clear: A free Democratic Syria that fulfills the aspirations of the Syrian people.


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